Dyslexic reading explained

Reading for me is very slow. I follow the line i just read =  back to its start and drop down to the next line because if i jump back to the next line i often miss it and loose my place. Also, i often stop at a word to let the brain process the relevance. I will have short bursts of reading a whole bit of a page without stopping and bits where i stop a lot. 

I am unable to read books for fun. It is just too slow and complicated. I have only read a half dozen climate subject books because i really wanted to understand the subject. I have also read one small astronomy book to death in my early teens. The magnitude of space distance and size of objects always amazed me. I had a few work gardening reference books that i needed to find the word of the plants that i knew well. (dyslexic )

Back in the late 1980s i bought my first global warming book. I read a few pages, underlined words or sentences that i liked and wrote the page number on the back of the book. I continued off and on doing that behaviour till i read it all. I had to continually go to the cover for reference to page numbers to read bits over and over again and after a year, yes after a year!, i was getting a really good comprehensive feel to what the author was trying to explain. Next year i bought my second book on global warming and repeated the above. Over the next few years i read and read my three or four best climate books to death. Yes only these same books, thats dyslexic! I watch my wife speed reading a novel, flicking a page every minute like a clock and finish it the same evening. I compare and understand my handicap.  The thing is, if i am interested, i will go to great length to learn it. But, but it takes ever so much effort and time to do this. I am not complaining, just explaining.

Nobody is perfect!🤦‍♂️🤧🤡😇

Today, i do not need any books. I read on my iPad. I now get to read short paragraphs on the very latest stats regarding climate change by simply joining facebook specific scientific pages. It is a minefield of plausible misinformation, so one must be constantly aware of this.

Thankfully, i am just mildly dyslexic .

Everyone gets their very own mix of trick and treat, and the treats are often worth the tricks. This is easy to show, just google  famous dyslexic people