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Today, 2021, i am now 70 year old and with plenty time to reflect upon my journey to retirement. I have worked seven day weeks most of my life. I left school at fifteen years old. A very good friend (HP) suggested that i should write a coffee table book because of the way i think. I am slightly on the dyslexic  spectrum, so i have never managed to read books for fun. I do read a lot of short stories and i like my friends idea because i have always liked to blether my thoughts, So to share my thoughts, this is grumpygeorges coffee table book.


It is unavoidably influenced by my pet subject for the past forty years, global warming. Politicians changed the usage of these words to climate change before it pushed its way into mainstream news. They thought that this subtle change was slightly easier to deal with.  🤦‍♂️

I am mixing short stories with a bit of rhyme and i start off as me, a five year old setting out to school from the farm.
On that long road my little 5 year old legs wandered their way to school. A mile and a bit it wasn’t quick the short steps took a horrible forever in bad weather.
I remember best my happy summer days, having a great time with lots and lots of butterflies fluttering around all over the place. The thistle flowers were covered with them. The world was so different to todays one, we had a huge volume of insects back then. I had to walk along a track separating two fields and there were always a few brightly coloured
yellow hammer birds sitting on the fence posts watching me pass them by. But most of all i remember the skylarks hovering high while singing away up there in the sky. I loved listening to their everlasting songs as i passed them on my way to school. I still smile when i think back to them bygone early years.
Child contemplating…
I look back and remember some of the things i thought when i was a child. My short legs had to take many steps to get anywhere. Half up the village street on the way to school were the
three huge steps i had to get up. They were very big granite stone steps. On the way home i had to go down them again and that was not any easier. I longed to be able to jump them like the older ones could.
I remember the walks home from school on warm summer days in the 1950s.
I had a great time amongst the abundance of grasshoppers chattering in the sunny grassy banks by the side of the road. I had such fun catching them. There were so many that i sometimes filled a jam jar of the little chatterers and took them home. Another clear memory was seeing all the
dung flies. They were a rusty yellow colour and there were so many of them that they smothered the dung heaps the cattle dumped. It was fun getting a large stone and chucking it over the dung heap, splatter, got a whole heap of the flies. Well i was a child and that was just childish behaviour. But more importantly i want any young reader to note, there really were a lot of insects back then and it was the same in the house during summertime. No wonder we wanted to spray the bleeping pests.
I remember the smell of the tar on the road after a shower of rain and standing on the tar bubbles caused by the warm summer sun. The seasonal changes were abrupt and well defined. When October came, so did the cold wet hail showers from the North. I would get a few days off school before Xmas because of proper blizzards  and the same again after the new year. We had a tree in the garden about 10/15 yards from the kitchen window. It was my special tree because i used it as a weather guide when it was snowing. It was not a blizzard till i could not see it. I remember the outside toilet and rattling slates on the bedroom roof during the howling winter gales. We went to bed with a hot water bottle and mums thick knitted bed socks were essential. We needed them because the bedroom single glazed windows were often frosted over. The poorly sealed window frames rattled and the curtains shook. Of course, there was no central heating back then. We froze, we shivered and teeth chattered a while till we warmed up a bit. This was normal for our generations childhood. Guess what? We all survived no problem! Gosh, we then got an indoor bathroom, our very first ever phone line installed and our very
first tv!  Technology was now beginning to show its presence to us. Yes, it was a very different world in the 1950s.
As time went by the steps i had to daily go up and down grew smaller and by the time i reached the end of primary school i could jump down all three of them in one huge leap without any bother. I was now ready for secondary school. Gosh, time flies by.
Teenage contemplating…
In my early teens, i remember the dark winter nights walking to the village a mile away. The best nights were the pitch black moonless ones with the stars shining clear and bright. I walked as i gazed upwards at these tiny lights above. There are only a few visible stars closer than 50 light years away, but all are vast distances from us. Some stars are actually galaxies full of their own stars and their light is from millions of light years ago. That got me thinking in my mind games back then because i had a little book on astronomy which i loved to study. I imagined me with a huge telescope, so powerful that it has not been invented. I could then look at a planet beside a star 65 million light years away. What if someone on that planet is right now doing the same and looking back at me at the same moment. Then i thought, “ah-ha” they cannot see me cos it will take 65 million years for the light of me to reach them. All they can see is the Jurassic era and they will think our world is full of horrible monsters. That sort of stuff was what i thought about as i walked to the village on a clear dark winters night.
Another thing i remember well is when i played pool in my local pub. I always played better pool when playing someone better than me. It made me realise that it is good to live amongst smarter people.
During the winter, most days we harvested cartloads of turnips. That was horribly cold work. Father always said, we don't need gloves, so it was bare hands handling frosted turnip leaves. Hands were permanently numb with the cold and the work had to be done. All us farmer sons of that age have our scars on our hand where we sometimes missed the turnip leaves and walloped our hand. Sometimes it was quite a mess and you just pealed off the skin and worked away. Your hand was numb with the cold anyway. Turnip harvester machinery was yet to be invented for doing this job. When i left school the summer harvest was still being done with a binder making sheaves of oats for stooking. They were full of thistles and of course we didn't need gloves for handling them either. Fathers encouraging words were, never mind the thistles, get on with the work! There was little time for creature comforts back then. The next year was our first year of the combine harvester, so we were constantly getting the very first one of new technology!

My adult journey to retirement…
In my later years on the farm, tractors started of get anti-roll safety frames and guards for the power drive shafts to the machinery behind them. So these were also the early days of safety first. I left farming when four-wheel drive tractors were starting to come on the market. Gosh what a journey we all had witnessing history in the creating.
I then had a business career in the garden centre world, which was in its infancy as well when i started. During the early days, everything that moved was sprayed till we started to realise that the chemicals were affecting our nervous systems (chronic fatigue) as well. Some of the more potent stuff like
Organophosphates suddenly disappeared off the shelves, all very hush hush style and replaced with different chemicals in very similar packaging. All done without media attention. It was quite remarkable.
Later i changed career and learned photography, photo editing, printing and framing. I spent the next decade and a bit having fun with tourists in our wee shop till i retired in 2019. I was privileged on the grumpygeorge stage meeting all these tourists as they passed through Skye. They were from all over the world. I had some wonderful conversations and silly rants with them all. I have very fond memories with them and kept contact with quite a few as Facebook friends. All that was made possible by my lovely wife Serena. She put me on that stage and she looked after the shop business,  stock and display while i just played. I was always just a blethering salesman!

However while i was on my life's journey, lots of very important historic events were played out. It was a most remarkable journey and because of technology, it has been most educational. The world was recovering from the war. Everyone had pride, all were happy to do a good days work and there was plenty work around. The world then was full of exciting golden opportunities. The national health system was new. Our politics was a simple two sided red or blue equation, so there were big battles between trade unions and industry. Politicians and union leaders were all more accountable straight talkers back then. There was a consequence to the bitter battles. A lot of our large industry left the country for easier opportunities. That was a big blow to traditional employment and the start of a poverty cancer that has grown steadily ever since.
Then the microchip was invented and our generation got to play with the very first gadgets of the new world of digital technology, which has led us all the way to the high-tech gadgets that we have today. There has been a huge three fold growth in human population in my time and much exploitation on behalf of all this new consumer demand. Sadly, there has been blatant disregard to consequences of no restraint. The creation of AI and its usage has now allowed a few businesses to evolve to become so powerful that they singularly dominate worldwide consumer markets. Along with this, there has been very smart usage of technology to create misinformation (false news) which is constantly filling mainstream media. This is the backstage activity of todays big business and powerful politicians, both with selfish agendas waging media and cyber war upon their opponents. Of course, this has destroyed any trust of authenticity to anything on media today.
It has penetrated the low tech consumer world, as in people reacting to all this media bombardments of very plausible fake news. Their mobile phones have turned people into gullible hungry verbal piranhas, frenzying venomously on anything and everything with their freedom of speech, on woke, multiculturalism, on political correctness, personal rights, on sexual definitions and whatever. It seems like everyone is now running around ranting insanely to the world with their mobiles. Truth news, fake news and politics today, the whole thing has become a sitcom of stupidity. We also have global warming with climate change to consider and the burden seems endless. To summarise, it is all turning into a kind of a surreal, almost dystopian world, where greed and stupidity is now a really big cancer, and its worldwide! Oops, that turned into a wee rant!

Retired and contemplating…
Well if you live long enough you get old and that’s where us survivors all end up and no money in the world can buy your way out of this one.
Them steps when I was a child are again a problem because my old bones are now too slow and stiff. As for the stars glowing up there in the sky my eyes don’t focus too well anymore.
In summer, i now look at the wild flowers and the thistle flowers and all i see is a few flies and the odd butterfly, but nothing much. There are hardly any insects around today. I used to often cough up a fly or get one in the eye because they were in abundance in my early years. I could never fill a jar with grasshoppers today because they are silent and rarely seen. Sadly, gone are most of the bird songs i loved to hear. As with everything else, they did not fare well from the decades of poisonous chemical spraying on the fields. I have come to realise that i am watching the human race hurriedly pursuing a suicidal journey. I do hope sanity wins us over before it is too late.
It has been quite a journey for me and i think todays youngsters world is such a complicated one to understand, i wouldn’t want their journey. But hey-ho, they will just plod their way through it all, just the same as every previous generation has had to. Its always been in a bit of an upheaval. I was just lucky to have lived during a relatively nice entertaining day.

So here i am, retired and sitting on my seat with my iPad doodling away making words to thoughts. With the above in mind, you the reader will appreciate my generation has seen a lot, worn a lot of experiences, and got a lot to contemplate.

Grinding bones of success…
My life is behind me as I walk into the unavoidable bone grinding years ahead.
My body has served me well and the state i am in now only reflects success, yea!
Ive worn a lot of T-shirts and the mess on them often well out of my control.
I am amazed i survived this long its been a really good run for my money, I smile.
If you live long enough you will get to sit on this seat I see before me today.
Many have sat here says the wear on the wood and trampled soil.
I wonder what they all said. I think life used to be wonderfully uncomplicated.
Now i just see the soul of our earth dying from our toxic presence.
I believe we have behaved disgracefully. Our gluttonous behaviour just a disgusting moronic party. I see a new age of derangement blowing in its fog and we have become lost.
I sense nature is in a foul mood and just about to sneeze us back into reality
Scientists have shouted, derangement wont listen, so change is a formality.
I have had quite a journey to this seat, so I might as well just sit down and relax
Cos there’s sod all i can do about all this mess as our world heads into uncharted chaos.

Nature’s rules…
Life’s rules of survival in the natural world are rigid and inflexible. All life must endure a permanent battle in a struggle to survive long enough to reproduce before death. That means very brutal no rules that favour only the fittest with an early end for the weak and old. Thats natures way of not loosing her beautiful healthy shining coat. Only healthy fresh life is required, all else is quickly cast aside.
But mankind has no respect for that. Mankind’s presence on the Planet has suddenly expanded by using technology to
win big battles against natures bugs to reach where we are today. We have taken on nature as our foe. We are not supposed to have this level of presence on the Planet.
The only thing mankind really has in common with each other is our addiction to money. Money rules us, regardless of our other varied differences. A small percentage of people are well over empowered and they severely lack empathy to any consequences on their control of power. We have not been smart enough to have any unified concern for a sustainable future. We are far too competitive against each other for that. So we continue our uncontrolled competitive trashing the Planet till nature hits us with its brutal back to basics rules. Nature is the only eventual winner in any war against it. We are not that capable. Our species may survive to to try again, or it may not.
Meantime, enjoy your wee bit of technology you are using to read this. It is after all, a little example of your selfish interest, and stop right there on that thought, and be honest. Is there any real possibility that the human race could unite. That would mean everyone loving their neighbours regardless of race, colour religion, political views, etc. Also, getting rid of selfish greed and replacing it with empathy. Doing this while at the same time disassemble and reassemble the way our systems function to create a sustainable human civilisation. To do this, so to be in harmony with each other and the rest of the Planets organic system, all 7,600,000,000 of us just mucking in like busy bees. I know, that is a really really pretty big ask.

Black and white with shades of grey we fight
amongst ourselves every day
Plunder and rape, we love and hate, the potent mix we will never a fix, this our strife in daily life.

Empathy is gone, its only news and views and a boring song.
I can do what i like i know i am right because i read it somewhere!😵‍💫 “Hmmm?”

If you do not keep a little childish in heart then i feel sorry for you because......
It is “mind medicine” that keeps your heart young and it delays growing old.
Childish is where all of your joyous fun and play and laughter comes from.
It is where you make time to allow for spontaneous silly moments.
It is where your burdened shoulders gets breathing space to laugh and sing.
Without childish the scent of roses wont stop you long enough to appreciate nature
Or see day turning to night with its glowing aura of colour as the sun sets
Without that child still in your heart your life is in waste, blind to the joy of living
So it is ok to be childish and to join in on silly moments. Stay young in heart!

Children laughing…
Enjoy playing with your little children, the mess, the noise, the screams and squabbles, the experience, because in a few years it will all be in the history book.
These early times is like holding water in your hands, it slips through your fingers so quick.

Custodians of our children’s future…
I have two households of grandchildren that i adore and it is for me an absolute treasure of an ongoing experience. I have had the pleasure from time to time to go with them to their schools. The noise in their outdoor playgrounds is loud and for many, thats all it is. For me it is not noise, it is pure music from their little souls. This is a most beautiful world of innocent little children, an orchestra in a playground making the most joyous symphony nature could ever make, and i get a little emotional and hide a few leaking tears. This beautiful young energy, the value of it is speechless as we cannot say a price on the most valuable asset we have. Then that warm joyous symphony changes tone and turns to one of tragedy as i turn and walk back to the reality of our adults world to witness what is in charge of their future. My heart breaks.

Dare i mention climate change? There is a huge today’s problem if we are to expand on that thought. I watch everyone encouraging their little children, praising them for being the smartest child in the world, and rightly so! Everything is wonderful for these little souls as they live in their temporary Utopia. So here am i in their home and i sit with that thought, climate change, global warming! …….. Speak about scrooge, grumpy old git, party pooper, miserable old sod, moan and groan, doom and gloom horrible person, well i burry myself in shame to even think about it. Shame on meee! 😱💩🤐
But they will soon be past that young children stage of life and begin to ask questions in a more structured way. The words “climate change” is mainstream conversation nowadays and they will be getting concerned, anxious even, as its their future that is being discussed.
So what is their platform for learning? They will all have media devices and all will be superglued to them. These devises will be marketing to them all sorts of goods, politics, truth, lies, etc! So they start making decisions, decisions like being a Pescatarian. And what the? XXXcuse me! I don’t even know what that means! … My, we have come a long way from the days that we were told to eat whats on the plate, and be thankful. Semi-joking aside, they will also have read so much misinformation (fake news) that they must be really confused, and their parents are as well because some of this fake news is so sophisticated. Their young child Utopia is now falling apart and the real world is starting to unfold its complicated structure. Today, mid October 2021, i am sitting in my house discussing who is going to go and get a frozen turkey for xmas, today! That is if there are any left to get. Well this is an example on what we are reading and seeing on the media! We are killing the planet with too much CO2, yet we are running out of it for manufacturing all sorts of things. Fuel for our homes is doubling in cost overnight because its not windy enough to get the supposedly green fuel driven wind turbines going. Supermarket shelves are empty today and there may not be any xmas presents this year because we have suddenly lost nearly all of the lory drivers in the world. Yes, they mysteriously disappeared and the youngsters today must be very confused about all this, so are we! But life has always been full of surprises, good and bad, and the children are just growing up in their period in the real world. It wont be the same as my world has been, or anybody else in the generations before me. Everything keeps changing, there is no secure future, there never has been, thats life, and life is a very unpredictable lottery! Everyone is in the lottery of life, like a deal of cards on the table, you are dealt your cards and you have to just make the most of your hand.

March 2022 insert…

Today in Ukraine. These youngsters being forced to take up weapons and go butcher each other. They would all far better their day sitting down with each other and discuss the lies their opposing leaders are spinning.  That would be a sound decision because truth is a  most bastardised subject today. 

hope our well informed  media savvy young generation  all unite to bring a worthy new change to their world! It is their future and they can take charge and do just that!

They need to stop repeating our history of going to war on command by billionaires in the interests of Billionaires. It is never in their interest!!!

There is a very important book coming out soon that the young generation should all get. 30th July 2022 information is HERE.


Bones of history…

Under the earthly sod of history lie dark shadowy times of human pain and misery.

The horrors buried with the souls taken in wars and injustice over the centuries.

Money rules a stiff rod and has done so since it came to be and is a curse on everything of our human world.

The few of great power who take special care to stay distanced, they have and always will call the shots.

Well if todays youngsters unite worldwide through their social media, they can be  


They can stop doing their rulers warmongering by a simple united, NO! 

(I suspect nobody is listening😢)


Back to grumpys story…..
We get emotional at times when thinking about that long journey ahead for you all because we don’t get to see how it works out. For me, i get sad because although i see a world full of love, that love has not been strong enough to stop mankind’s shortsighted greed turning our beautiful world into a dystopia for the sake of stuffing a few more banknotes into already fat wallets. It is a wicked selfish madness that makes no sense.
So, the only thing us oldies can do today is to share our little bits of wisdom and experiences when we can.

The dangers of the world that todays youngsters inherit from us may not be any worse than what most generations youngsters have all had to survive in. 


The end of the road…..
We all must return to from where we came, in that respect we are all the same
I am tired and retired, the body is battling and the bones are all rattling
The end of the road, it comes to us all, to lord or pauper all get that call
All are put firmly under the sod with a prayer or two to some god

The Apple tree…
We were given the light to see and an apple on the tree
We knew the rules and the price to pay if we were to eat that apple some day
But greed was blinding and we’ve been finding temptation too strong to care
So the apple was taken from Gods creation and stupidity chopped down the tree.
Oh, deary me! There will be hell to pay, for thats as stupid as stupid can get.

A tree
A tree is tied with nowhere to go. Its simple life is to keep a moist toe
And for us we also are tied, if we wreck our world then we are fried

Our civilisation functions like a balloon being blown up. If you don’t stop blowing growth into it, it will burst. It has been fully blown up now, and today, it wont take much of a poke to bust it! Unfortunately, our economy balloon thrives on growth.

Todays wind…
Todays wind blows everything into tomorrow and today we are feeding a storm.
Should we be teaching our children the skills required for todays world or preparing them for a horribly dysfunctional future one. Well, we refuse to speak about it all because it would only install a destructive fear and worry! We know only too well that we cannot undo the past and we have little or no say or power to change whats ahead, and we don’t know for sure exactly whats ahead anyway.

Walking down the street …
When walking down the street, looking at all the houses, think of them as like looking at people. When you walked past me, what you saw was my house, the place that i live in. We are all like houses with walls round ourselves to keep our thoughts safe inside. You don’t see me inside my house no more than you see what’s in the cupboards of the houses you pass by on the street. So the only bit of me you really see is my face as i wave to you from the windows of my eyes.
This is the reality of people. Nobody knows much about you and me because we all stay safely hidden behind our windows. We are all actors!
The windows of poverty are washed regularly every day. Money, the root of most of the evil in our world, the desire to own your home, then own a bigger home, own a car, a bigger car, etc. But this does not change you because you are still living in your house inside yourself. Far better is to clean your windows and look at that world, all of it, and be thankful. Stop admiring monied wealth because it is a poison.
Put more love on your table and share it.

Smiles hide a lot…
Burdened shoulders with no voice, hopelessly trapped, not living, smiles hide tears, suffering in silence. So many people are trapped in this way of life today.
I know we don’t live in a perfect world, but there are too many people skating on thin ice and far too many going under it. The climate is warming and the ice is thinning and deep down, we know when the ice melts we all go under.

Thin ice…
Thin ice on a river hides the troubled currents below.
Death under there is for sure and yet we still skate just for show.
We skate on thin ice every day and tread without care for our future
We see below this ice those who have crashed through what they dared tread.
The river below takes them away their deathly eyes all stare up in dread
We know only too well whats in store down there, yet though we can see, we without care still skate on thin ice.

Life on Earth and how fragile its existence is…
We think a bullet is fast. A basic pistol bullet travels from about 100mph and a rifle, for example an AK-47 at 1,500 mph. However there are more interesting speeds to discover? As Earth rotates our days and nights we are moving at 460 mtrs per second, that is about 1,000 mph. So we are travelling near as fast as a rifle bullet while we rotate day and night, but....
The Earth whizzes around our sun at over 65,000 mph. Wow, thats our whole world with the moon and our wobbly oceans. We survive on the surface within a very
thin layer of atmosphere that we call air. It is also our weather, and somehow it all manages to stay very stable over us!  Travelling round the sun at 65,000 mph and the very worst category 5 hurricanes do not even reach 200mph sustained winds. Wow, there is plenty room for raking up that number! If you don’t see the precariousness of this then you are 🤭!
If a child persistently refuses to pay attention to mum saying, stop or else, then, or else will happen! We may not like mother natures rules, but we must respect them, or else! Its not rocket science, so get ready to be slapped.

The luck of life...
We all know that the early bird gets the worm
But it is the second mouse that gets the cheese
So there is a lot of luck in life’s journey. And, trivial events and deeds can have big impact on people, as in the butterfly effect.

Three very trivial stories that had a big impact on me on my journey.

Young teenager day.
One day long time ago i was a teenager walking up a steep farm road with some pals and their dad when he said to me, “straighten yer back min!” I cannot quote exactly the rest he said but basically speaking, i was young and walking up that hill with my back bent forward and my shoulders bent forward. He explained that it was important to keep good body posture, a straight back, square shoulders and breath with your chest, not your belly. He was J.Mc. and i never forgot these simple kind few words.
A very ordinary day.
Long ago one very ordinary day, I was then, a scruffy road-man with a gaffer/foreman called D. N. fae Inverurie. He was up on a scaffolding and dropped a big screw. He very crudely shouted down to me to pick it up. I very crudely shouted back to do it himself. I didnae like him! 😂 All our words were well flavoured! He said ok!, and went down for it himself. He, doing that, changed my life. I was instantly moved by that action and changed my view of him. He was a man in charge of a lot of working men. He swore a lot, drove his workforce hard, he kept a tight grip of things and was absolutely fair. He did not need to go down that ladder. But he did, and he picked me up. From that day on, i never looked back. A most trivial event that certainly had a big effect on my future.
Another very ordinary day a long time ago, i was well overburdened and wearing a very tired T-shirt. A very kind and observant lady whispered into my ear that she had been where i was and wished to pass on a little advice to me that she got. That lady was C. H. She said, harden your head but keep a soft heart. I will never forget her kindly concern that day. I understood exactly what she meant. A most trivial little moment of kindness, but it had a big effect on my future.
For me these three apparently very trivial events in my life were butterfly wing beats. The wing beats seemed without event, but what happened because of these wing beats had a great impact on my life's journey. Sharing, putting love on your table, a little empathy and kindness, it is the best medicine in the world.

History!… generally speaking, just think about history's track record and summarise it! We are permanently at war, even passively in peacetime we propagate the seeds of war. Referendums, Nationalism, Racism, Religions, wealth, poverty, devision, all sorts of extremisms, all rejecting peace. Thats why horrible wars keep coming back. We believe in picking sides and always poking and provoking each other in sport, in politics, in war aftermath. We are never

all on the same side.

Changing country’s borders do not create peace. It is just a place of competitive politics wherever they are. Poverty and inequality never go away regardless of where and when people stick up borders. Borders, be it your garden boundary or your country’s boundary, are negative places and permanently primed for conflict. They require permanent diplomacy and respect for neighbours to avoid sliding quickly into conflict.
The problem with winning wars is that winning a war is just having new rulers. It creates spoils and financial opportunities (the hidden agendas) for winners and retains subdued hate within losers. History’s never ending
trail of wars blatantly proves that they do not solve anything for the general people. So while we wage hostility upon opposing opinions, there will be no peace.
The sad bit is, mainstream people throughout the world basically hold the same values and want to live an honest life with family love in peace. People are very tolerant of rules, restrictions and regulations so long as they are seen as reasonable and fair. But leaders do abuse privilege. They do not play fair and rules are not fairly applied. Some people see a world full of conspiracies and everybody is out to get them. Many others believe technology will keep us safely future proof. Its now trendy to think green and participate on some trivial level. Its all very well thinking green or being a climate change advocate and waving flags and walking the streets shouting stop fossil fuel. But there is no clear path to this journey, what to do about the consequences of closing down fossil fuel reliance. Its not that simple. You cannot simply shut it down. But equally noted, it must be. So we do have a big problem.
With all the genius of mankind and AI technology i ask myself, why, oh why? Where then is the inspiration for directing us all away from troubles ahead and make a path to overcome our obstacles and ensure a future for our grandchildren. But AI churns out Amazons and lithium Tesla's instead. Todays billionaires are even jaunting into outer space!  It is unfortunately still all about people making money and increasing their wealth.

The irony of money...
No Country will sacrifice their peoples lifestyle to lower global carbon consumption.
Nobody in poverty will willingly stay in poverty if they get the option to get out.
People who have money have a lifestyle and lifestyle affords a level of indulgence.
A rare individual may self sacrifice for the greater good, but whole families do not! So everyone will cling to what they have to the bitter end. Thats survival.
I see an irony in our money driven lifestyle and its effect on the planet. The more you defend your lifestyle the sooner you will loose it all, yes, all of it!

Save a donkey
We are more interested in saving a donkey and giving it a better future than saving our grandchildren’s future.
Well thats what it looks like today as we are swamped with tv adverts pleading to us to give money to save a donkey, save a tiger or possibly even adopt a bleeping leopard, and of course, get a cuddly toy for doing so. Yes, it seems we are saving everything except our grandchildren’s future.
So i guess our current adult world has more in common with a donkey than we are prepared to admit!

A simplistic view of the politics…
We are all constantly bombarded with misinformation and so easily persuaded to follow a cause by promises of something better than what we presently have. We are so gullible to temptations and promises!
Politics is the place where words hide true agendas. It is a really dirty world constantly predating on the emotions of people. It starts from the "real power" of money. The power from controlling huge wealth has armed a few individuals an ability to manipulate politicians through a web of hidden donations and all sorts of favours, leaving little room for good people with uncontaminated honesty. Of course there are some good politicians, but they get party whipped and suppressed. Truth in politics and honest opinions in politics is far too toxic a career ending place for them to tread.
For me, i detest the way politicians talk today and avoid any direct responsibility for decisions. I am also pragmatic, i understand that we have little choice in the matter and that we have to just make the most of a bad job.



A great big lion or tiger with teeth as big as your hand.
The power and attitude in their world we perfectly understand.
We see a rapture catch a bird and rip its soul apart
But it cant touch us cos we are bigger so we don't give a fart

A tiny bacteria on the other hand has tricks some don't believe
We keep its company but don't know this until we bloody sneeze
Now this is a danger and a worthy foe that many choose to ignore
It loves it when we socialise for this lets it infect us more and more

But the nastiest of all is ourselves for sure we are the worst by far
Promises on lies we contrive our stupidity listens and off we go to war
The few at the helm pulling strings keeping us netted fish in their sea
There will be no peace says hunger in the house people are never free     

We wheel and deal and while money rules, the world becomes a bin
Nature cries in pain from wounds as we slash and burn its skin
Earth is ill from our plague and its temperature goes up degrees
Like a virus we are an infection and our host is about to sneeze

There is such a similarity in having a virus wrecking our body and us wrecking nature. Both invade and both destroy with exponential virulence. Natures antibodies will certainly be sneezing in bigger storms to disarm us from functioning the way we do now. Our weather is becoming increasingly erratic and more destructive to us.

Here are two of many important statistics on the consequence of one degree. One degree extra heat makes 7% more water vapour in the atmosphere. So there is nearly 10% more water in the sky today than there was 100 years ago. Of course, this all gathers together into massively bigger clouds of trouble and become really bad news as more frequent extreme events. The other important statistic is regarding major storms. These hurricane typhoon monsters feed from sea surface temperatures over 26 degrees and 90% of excess global warming goes into the oceans. These monsters are just going to get bigger and more powerful. So that two simple bits of information should help to explain why we we are heading into troubled times. 

Major weather events are going to keep worsening and making more serious problems for some people and catastrophic disasters for others. We are going to be witnessing an increasingly destructive climate making an unliveable world for a lot of people. Our large food production lands are going to be hit by more frequent bad weather events making increased crop failures. This will mean more food shortage situations and probably more widespread famine events.
Refugee wars are already a problem. There is desperation in the poorest countries, this just gets horribly worse.
Over 40% of USA live in households with guns, they have very emotional race and political tension and their major water reservoirs are in a current historic drought. Water shortages and race tension are guaranteed catalysts and prime targets for destructive misinformation abuse. It has become a very fragile United States today and Trump is like Guy Fawkes running around with a lighted match in his hand. This horribly depressing list goes on and on.
I think we are witnessing the whole system close to the edge of some serious fracturing, and possibly some major failings. Catastrophically? Nobody truly knows, but its interesting that
nobody is putting on the brakes.
Oddly, most middle/upper class paper pushers are still to busy making money to care. They are too focused being part of being important amongst themselves and are all completely disinterested. They will do everything to protect their current lifestyle. One couldn’t possibly stop Ascott or Wimbledon, etc, well could we! And, lets be honest, i like my iPad, you are reading this on a bit of your carbon footprint, so we are all complicit.

Dare i say that Robbie Burns was wrong when he said that man tae man the wurld oer will brothers be for aa that. Its turning out that man to man the wurld oer just want to worship money till everything goes down the drain. We wont change till natures wrath takes away the toys that we have and forces change upon us.

The flood of refugees…
I suspect that the time has come to stop strangers coming into my house. They think they have a right to walk in and expect me to share my food with them. These people may all come from horribly troubled homes but it is exactly that, their homes, not our homes. They should not cross the street and enter my house just because it is a better one than theirs, especially without being invited in. This is surely fundamentally wrong no matter how one looks at morals.
We have had a long journey to create peace in our house and we want to keep it this way. This is my home and the food is for my family. There is going to be trouble in this because they want to permanently stay with me. There is a very complicated dynamic equation regarding refugees, poverty refugees, fleeing for their lives refugees, radical infiltrator refugees, political hybrid refugees, opportunists, etc! It is a very messy toxic problem.  All i can see is more and more of them coming. I cannot always keep my door open to this because it will eventually destroy my world too. It is an ill wind that is blowing.

The climate is warming and scientists are warning trouble is coming our way
Wealthy people on Arctic cruises, in declining ice they go and play
A carefree continuum and confirmation to all, there is no concern in their domain
All the bla-bla-bla from private jets, it clearly shows they have no shame
Their value of us is to sprinkle a few coins while peace in our world slips away
An unbearable heat makes famine and war, refugee numbers increasing every day
Unliveable lands no water no food they must walk as rivers of people into a flood
An apocalypse of souls must move to survive, morals and peace into conflict all go
There is no answer for their desperation as numbers become to great to absorb
So we are now witnessing our world slipping slowly into their unwelcome discord.

Moral Integrity...
Moral Integrity must be compromised if you are to survive. It is a sad reality that we all must compromise to survive. So i think moral integrity is just an honest desire which at times, fails miserably. Nobody’s shoulders are broad enough to take on all the worlds problems. 

Being civilised…
Behaving civilised is a novel thought in natures world. Nature has no place for civilised, no more than it has for moral integrity. Its just us humans that have fantasies about these values. As nature has no place for this, it is never going to be a durable value. For example, the lust of youth has a primal agenda.

Say goodbye to the future...
We make time for what we want and delay things needing done
Creating clouds of promises put out of reach floating high with the sun
We’ve distorted reality by putting poison on the precious truth
We portray in a camouflage of words and trivialise our fragility

(Rudyard Kipling - words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind)

Yet we dance with joyous crowds singing and sharing happy in heart
Emotions rush like rivers in spate while music songs and poems we make
So why in such joy can soft hearts be cold with so much intolerance and hate
Forcing peace and harmony to stay outside as we gorge media cake

The forests lungs breathe endlessly as we claim our brief slot in life
Every breath from birth to death so precious but we are too busy to care
We burn the trees and as forests die so go the lungs of life and its song
The fiery sun on the skin of life, so easy to loose and we so careless

We barbecue, dine and laugh with wine shouting everything is fine
While people scream from the garden gate stop this before it is too late
Our actions evidently seen but the clouds of promises don't reach the ground
Our end has come and stupidity says we were all too busy, living the dream!

It does not matter if you are a man or mouse living posh or in a council house
A skinny dog or a big fat cat sitting in comfort on a sheepskin mat
A bird in the tree singing free a wee bug on a log or a frog in a bog
A colourful coral or a fish in the sea even the biggest redwood tree
There is no privilege or importance of size nor a free pass for any of the wise   
All come and go on the continuous flow in evolution’s organic reality show

Tick tock clock
The clock turns it controls a lot with every tick and every tock
Man jumps to its every click, now thats taking the mick!

In a roundabout way
A circle is a simple shape, it creates all there is to make
Simple to draw but not to understand, atoms to galaxies on demand

To be at peace
To be at peace is to have in mind that you did your best and that your selflessness has been of a proportion sufficient enough to pacify your selfishness.

Do not react.
Confrontation is an unavoidable part of life where people shout aggressively at you.
Sometimes with good reason but mostly it is just unkind stuff that is unfairly said.
We must not react when in these horrible situations. We have to put on an act!
There is a game to play and it goes totally against our instinct. It is a simple task, but so hard to do. You just put a smile on your face, pretend you are fine and walk away from it!
It may not work some of the time, but it is a most desirable skill to learn, ie, do not react to people who try to make you angry. Stay calm! They win if you react, and you win if you act. Become an actor.
Trouble is easily found without looking for it. It is a most enthusiastic explosives expert. Trouble is like lighting a match in a fireworks factory, it can get out of control very quickly. The consequences of lighting that match can be very unkind to the rest of your life. It is better to leave that match in its box, smile and walk away!


The farm cockerel trouble story…

When i was a child i would run past the cockadoodledoo cockerel and after a few times doing that he chased me! Wo-ho, that was fun! It was one of the things children did on the farm. We pretended to be frightened at the cockadoodledoo and we got him to chase us.  

The cockerel story, which is a true story, has more to it. 🤡 My mum hated the cockerel because it chased her as well. It chased everyone.😆 Father thought it was funny and did nothing, he should’ve known better! However, one evening at dusk, my father went to collect the eggs from the chickens. All were roosting for the night, but it was not quite fully dark. That cockerel took offence and flew at my fathers face and  badly gouged his eyelid. He was lucky not to loose his eye. Guess what we had for supper the following night. As i say, trouble is always a very enthusiastic companion.😂

What matters in life is that you are included.
What also matters is that you participate which lets others know you feel included

The whatevers story
whatever you say whatever you do whatever your whatever's behold
your life will pass in a muddle of the whatever's your whatever's unfold
and whatever whatever there is still another whatever in the whatever   
till one ends up at the end of the whatever of whatever's ahead

Stuck in a traffic jam...
I would rather be stuck in the traffic jam because of the accident, not of the cause of it. So be thankful and show some compassion.

You were not nice but i still care for you...
What you said in rage was not nice  but i take comfort from a thought.
Sadists don't have emotions and you were just being emotional.🥰

To the unkind people who laugh at and hurt the ones who are in despair
I will put my hand down for you and pick you up when you are down there
Its  not a nice place for ones day and a kindly thought goes a long way
My hand may warm your heart from the cold place its in, now be on your way

People are like book covers...
We all have a story behind our faces, but we are judged on faces.
So faces are like book covers, “they hide their story.”

Mingle to tingle
coronavirus is a sociable thing it needs you to move to be able to visit
It cannot reach to you if you don't mingle. So if you don’t mingle it cannot tingle

The unwelcome visitor
An unwelcome cloud on a chilling wind it closes in an invisible silence
A friendly hug or touching hand, a simple breath, to share and unwittingly befriend
The toxic visitor passes through without so much a hint it ever neared
This while the sun shines and flowers smile for to the world it is just another day.

Front line  carers in hospitals
Doing their jobs in the coronavirus crises must be like going into a hospital ward full of terrified sadists who are pointing loaded guns in you face and you hoping all will be fine. They are all very brave people indeed.

The Fear fact...
Everyones biggest fear depends on fear to survive

My spirit has a problem....
My spirit worries because it’s host body is old
My spirit is still young but it doesn’t have a plan B when i die
That is a problem.

Crying baby…
Don’t get angry when I cry be attentive and observant and learn
Learn to understand that I need to cry when I have something to say
I cry to say i am hungry and cry when tired or for being disturbed
Enjoy this simple equation till i learn to cry to get my way. (😜🤫💤

The universe...
When our technology allowed us to see into the
depth of space, our planet disappeared into becoming an invisible atom. Jeepers, that makes us so small we are beyond theoretical existence.

The illusion of the universe…
The further we look the longer the time and the more the illusion will be
The universe of stars a marvel for all no matter what that time is we see
A billion light years its come a long way, these stars are from a very olde day
We see where it all was a long time ago and tonight is all a yesterdays show
So what we witness in our sky at night is all an enormously amazing illusion.

Nature is much more creative than we could be and it always deals with the weather by changing its coat of life accordingly. Nature has worn more coats than any human could possibly wear. We are just giving it a reason for a very quick throw off of the one shes wearing today for one that feels better in a warmer day.

Born in space....
If a pregnant woman went up in the space shuttle to do a spell in the space station and gave birth up there. Would that child be the lightest child ever born and would it then be the first alien life form to visit Earth?

Bang bang the lust of life…
Bang bang says the lust of life; thats the way many become husband and wife
Nobody cared much about that sort of stuff till after they exhaust and had enough
The bang bang fun soon wears out for most have no other interest to hang about
Beauty of the body is only skin deep passing thoughts we meet and we treat
Loving the skin is like clothes on for show they’re fun for the day then off they go
So what’s the lesson?
The skin of a sexy car is just the same as the skin of a sexy person.  After you have succumbed to the power of its stage presence and bought its seduction, under that painted surface lies the unglamorous maintenance of what you just bought.

Falling apart.....(the future)
There will be no change while we think we are still in charge
There will be no change till we loose control.

We are all just wee doggies....
Yes we are all just like little doggies under the table. All firmly tied to a lead and hoping for crumbs to fall down from our masters. Yes, you as well!

It doesnt matter.....
It doesn’t matter if you are black or white or skinny or fat, the person you are is none of that.
You are, who you are.....not, what you are. Thats all that matters!

Under the sod…
Under the sod lie the bones of some of our dearest precious ones
Above are the headstones cleansed by tears when we visit
Time passes memories call, then we visit and weep
It feels as if it was just yesterday we said goodbye

A very sad thought…
People don’t fake depression, but they do fake being ok on their bad days.
They may look in control with their fake smiles but the kitchen is on fire in their head
You see them in control and coping rather well and they will tell you so with a smile
But behind that convincing act you may find that they are at their wits end in hell. We’ve all wished we were dead from a place of despair, but we never really mean it. But sometimes people do get into a deeper darker place and that can make them more vulnerable to black thoughts.
A cold black thought…
The only peace for one in life is in a very short time after they draw their last breath.
The price of life is the fear of death, a permanent struggle to deny that last exhale.
Not coping while in a desperate need for peace can turn into a cold dark calculated desire. So take care of each other and hug often. Your touch may just be the last hope that keeps a good friend from walking out the door, never to return.

Green grass by the well…
The grass is always green in the graveyard and the well there is never dry
Souls rest in peace here in their beds, so cold and still they all lie
Visitors come and tears may flow as these souls whisper memories into their ears
Age and time shivers the spine as a reality sets in, a truth appears
A place awaits here for us all for sure so time has my name marked on a spot
That may be a truth but i aint in no hurry tae fill that cold bxgger o’ a plot...🥳

Money money money, it makes our world go round
But the world goes round anyway without it

Stopping our fossil fuel consumption …
The dilemma of our fossil fuel driven economies is that they react like the inside of an old analogue watch and stops dead if there is any tampering with the mechanism movement. These watches, one cannot remove bits or change the shape of their wheels. They are all purpose built, just the same as our business world is.

The end of summer.
Hello butterfly you look so battered and tired when you stop long enough to be seen
Your wings are looking terribly worn from the rush of your short life on earth
Yesterday you were perfect, yes so was i in my yesterday and today is the end of summer

lamb of God…
A lamb is born it shakes its head as it fights to fill its lungs with air
A vital moment in every birth with a fussing mother in anxious care
It’s now or never so it struggles in its desperate little bid to breathe
But soon it stopped and silent it lay, leaving its mother to greave
And on witnessing this i am expected to believe in GOD!

After my last breath
After my last breath, the flesh of my body will just be welcomed food of the earth
But i will not be gone as that body was just my house i used to stay in all these years
I am now in the wind and free in the sky i did not die i am like a butterfly but unseen
I am the memories i hang around i whisper in your ear i sometimes cause a tear
In time you will join me in this world of memories, we all come here so do not fear
We will have much to say as we fade slowly away into the abyss of time

Be humble…
We should be humble in our existence with life on Earth as we are all bound together in a co-dependent food chain. Nature is basic and very brutal! We should all have been taught in school to understand the big picture of natures rules and respect its needs. We may then comprehend the fragility to the very existence of it all. Its not about money, being better and more important than others with a bigger house and car. Because while we place importance in making money, we bankrupt nature.
We see our world as an almost indestructible massive planet with nearly infinite resources. As a result of technology, we have become aware of an incredible universe outside our world and we are truly insignificant in this universe too immense to imagine. There is a true marvel to what exists outside our blue sky. We are graced by an enormous nuclear furnace shining its light directly upon us and this brings the energy for all our organic life to exist. It is like God shining down upon us keeping us warm, but its fiery wrath is only too easily stirred.
We love to party with our warm sunshine and we have no real empathy to care about sustaining harmony with nature. Such a foolish game we play while being watched from above. We blatantly dare test our will against such a mighty force. We are not important, we are at natures mercy and everything on Earth is at the mercy of our sun.

Catastrophic collapse of our civilisation…
A fundamental point about reading drama like this is that outside our personal concerns, it is no big deal.
Nature has become very adaptable to cope with the planets very turbulent history.
Nature does not care what we do, it just adjusts to changes and puts on a different coat. Its starting to feel warmer because of us. So it has a few stormy sneezes, a few hot flushes, then a wee wash from the ocean and we are gone. The cold blooded reptiles will love it a bit warmer and we will never be missed.

Climate change disaster… These are really stupid words. We are even dumb enough to tell ourselves exactly how we are going to knowingly kill ourselves off and claim that its a disaster. One could not create a better storyline for a Muppets Show! Yes, the cold blooded reptiles are watching, laughing at us all and saying, not long to wait now.

An optimistic thought...
One sure thing that creates change is necessity. Fossil fuel companies with all their financial and political power wage a war of media misinformation on climate change advocates to protect their wealth. They have created a lot of confusion. Meanwhile, as time passes, new and better data collection unveils clearer understandings about consequences of our inaction. Also, as time passes, consequences move closer, a worsening predicament develops and an obvious vulnerability becomes clear to all. Necessity becomes a burdening companion and starts to force change. Thats as optimistic as it gets.

Pandoras box…
A teeny little snail so slow on the ground it will never travel very far
Neither can we with all our knowledge we will never pass by a star
We only dream in these stars and swim in an illusion our reality is pandoras box
We play and we pray but we dare not say open the lid, for truth is no Goldilocks

Peace is no friend of evolution…
Evolution means always evolving and always changing everything on Earth. It is never still.
So the “whatever peace” we have, or can make or wish for, it can only be temporary because peace and stability is no friend of evolution. It is what is!

The time is right to retire …
You are walking in the shadows of others on your journey to retirement.
You may not fully realise it yet because like many of us, you wont be wanting to admit it. But you are there in body because we all see you struggling to hide it now. Your smile is admirable, but retirement is eventually forced upon us all. We know you have been dutiful and worked hard all your life without complaint. In a few decades all of us will  be forgotten, so time for you is now more precious than ever it was. It is time to listen to the sounds of nature in the peace of what little time left. There is no guarantees to any length of this time so it is wise to take it. Stop and smell the roses. Slow down that demand you put upon yourself. A more leisurely pace is yours to do what you want, so don’t waste it by pretending you are not ready.
Whether it is Autumn for the flowers, or the Autumn for your life, the cold winds of winter takes us all. There is still a little warmth in your sun just now, so enjoy it.

We really are in the soup...
Life on Earth is being part of an organic soup which is spread over the planet.
This soup is permanently feeding from the warmth of the suns energy. While doing so, it sustains itself in a seemingly endless odd behaviour of individual life forms eating each other during their brief existence.
I was just thinking that if life forms want to have a more permanent future, a real infinitely long future, then it has to become raw energy. When the organic living body dies, it simply becomes decomposing food of the earth. The person was the awareness trapped inside it, the thoughts and memories, which from my uneducated convenience, is just energy that requires the organic body for sustenance. So, stuck with that equation, the only way to avoid being deleted when the body dies is to find a way to amalgamate with the energy of the universe. We may do that when we die anyway, nobody comes back to tell us anything about after death.
As amalgamated energy, you can be whatever you want, as in what happens in the ever changing life in evolution. Maybe the stars raw energy is  actually the buzzing visible light of our none organic selves. After all, all organic life of today originates from raw sun energy, and still requires this raw sun energy for current sustenance. On that note, i wonder if we are their toys while they play. The Sun may then be a living energy city. The photons of light from the sun is them coming and playing in the organic soup and all life on Earth. We may be just a game board of energy entertainment. Their game being to see if any of their teams can evolve to escape death. If time has no relevance in the universe, maybe once upon a time, long ago before we invented time, life acquired the ability to live infinitely as raw energy and worked out how to survive as living star energy. Are black holes star life predators? Is the visible universe just a different dimension world. A world of living stars and living black holes where a billion years for us is a blink of an eye to that world. By the way, i cannot make sense of this most ridiculous rambling. I didn't delete it to give you a little chuckle at yourself for trying to make sense of it.🤡


Our world is a web of touching threads as we live our very brief lives

We pop into a life and live our day we have our say and then pass away.  

Just like fish in little streams swimming around in their little dreams

While great big sharks swim deep and dark all these lives seem worlds apart

Yet all are in the same round bowl out there in space inside a solar shoal 

Shoals of galaxies in outer space seen by us while the photons race 

As photons dance around in the sky the mysterious universe enters our eye 

The sum of everything scientists see, may well all be inside a little pea

Viewed by a world as a tiny spec, our billion years is their nano sec

Infinity an even greater power, god knows what they would call an hour


Now for some fun

Apparently, Grandma went shopping yesterday for little Harry. This is now early morning and Grandma is still in bed purring like a happy cat. So here is old Grandpa and young Harry in early morning conversation. Harry wanted to know what Grandma had bought yesterday. Well, Grandpa told Harry that she bought an aeroplane, a helicopter, and then a submarine in case it rained a lot. Also a hippopotamus to eat the grass in the lawn and warned Harry to stay well away from the back of hippo in case hippo did a huge poo. Grandma then bought a giraffe to eat the leaves off the top of the large tree in the garden. Grandpa told Harry that next year when he was bigger he could climb to the top of that very large tree and maybe even get up on to the moon above it and stay the night up there. Wouldn't that be fun.😜

Feeding garden birds…
I have just listened to a Tv news story suggesting that we may be doing more harm than good by feeding the garden birds. It might be creating an imbalance by favouring a few birds at the expense of others. HA!🤧 Did i just hear a very stupid story? We only get all that bird food from the same place we get our own food to artificially favour our existence as well…🤡🏋️‍♂️

Grannies secret zimmer…
Grannie has a zimmer but its not the one you think
Its borrowed under disguise with a sneaky nod and wink
She wheels the grandchild’s buggy, wheels it all day long
That is her secret zimmer, she smiles and doesn't let on

Ha-Ha, to think that i watch all these oldies whizzing past so effortless on their bicycles. They seem to be keeping very fit and healthy, but its all a con as they are on lithium batteries

A sore knee to a 70 year old
I have a sore knee today it was like that yesterday too
In fact its been like this a while now oh what to do
I think its wear and tear and my age is starting to show
So i suspect that pain in my poor knee will only continue to grow

Painful Joint
If i have a little pain in my joint, so do i get a little joint for my pain...😜

A very long time
If we are to believe in science then we must accept that earth started off as an inorganic ball derived from space debris orbiting the sun and a lot of unanswered questions. No blue oxygen sky, no plants, nothing organic as we call it, nothing but a messy accumulation of energy stuff twirling into a ball in a black universe. Then an incredible long period of time passes and we have today. So if this is true, i start making equations in my head….

The only thing we have in this equation to create life, unless you believe in aliens in spaceships to create life on earth is the suns energy and time, lots of time, really an awful lot of time, more time than most of us can possibly imagine.

A really very long time…
I am trying to understand what a really very long period of time is.
So, i imagine making a 100% impossible
time-lapse video spanning the last  four billion years of the Earths historic surface. Then i imagine speeding it up to a few minutes video.
The continental plates move very slowly (earthquakes) and thats an insignificant one inch or 2.5cm a year. Yes, but this becomes 25 kilometres every million years and adding a really very long time on top of that it changes the picture a lot. Just like a fast bullet, our lives pass so fast we do not see a “
very long” time.

The first life forms started to exist about four thousand times one million years ago. (Thats an incredibly difficult to understand long four billion years)
Lets do an easy sum, 4,000 times one million years at 25 kilometers every million years, = this becomes a huge 100,000k or 62,137 miles distance of a journey the planet tectonic plates would have travelled if they had existed as far back as that. Now this is what is meant by a “very long” time. Todays India was half ways over the ocean on its journey to create the Himalaya mountains only 65 million years ago when we had the famous Dinosaur extinction.
We struggle to understand what a lot of time is unless we are trying to breathe under water.
So from four  billion years ago, one life cell to two, to reproduce? Wow, how did evolution fathom out that one! Then a hundred, to a million, to billions and trillions and there slowly..... very slowly.....and a very long time😇… there became a soft fragile skin of organic life covering our planets surface. All created from the photons of light energy of the Sun. Somehow there then came another magical change, oxygen! The beginning to what is now our blue planet. Without bogging ourselves in books of complicated detail, which is being updated regularly anyway, life on Earth decided that oxygen was a good idea and great changes (extinctions) to the order of life took place over another “very long” time. We have covered billions of years to get here.  With oxygen, life was on steroids and went into super charged evolution and all sorts of shapes and sizes of life came and went. Yes, we have all read about the Triassic era and then the Jurassic era of long ago. They all came and went extinct. The very recent Mammoths and Sabre Tooth Tigers, they all came and went extinct in the never ending changes to the life forms existing on our planet.
There is a very long history to look back at, with fossils and traces of events saying things never stay the way they are for a long time, and that change is a daily routine in a very long time!
Rapidly coming towards today we can read about our very recent human failed civilisations and empires as we exhibit our behaviour while we are the current life influencers on Earth.  The IPCC, the official 1.5 degree they speak about as our goal to stay under? Well they do not take into account all our earlier industrial activity, so we are already on that number! However thats a
different story. Then we arrive at today, our twenty first century technology and money addicted world we have created on this very fragile world. The one that reacts to a most minimal change and will reshuffle (extinctions) the order of everything living on the most minimal excuse.
It is very wise to understand that making any sort of small change makes Mother Earth reshuffle her pack of cards and deal out a new deck. Nature deals the cards, not us! We can blind ourselves with technology and think what we like, nature is watching and if we (cheat) don’t play our cards by the dealers rules, we are out of the game.

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So thats my grumpys coffee table book. i will be tweaking it from time to time. I intend adding links into some of the text at some point as well. I have oversimplified my view of the world because it is only too easy to bog yourself down in detail and miss the big picture. I hope i have succeeded in giving you a few things to think about. That was my objective anyway and as i am a (Doric speaking) Scotsman, i leave you with my grumpystyle, to friendships.

Fond memories and a wee dram
The evening time in my life is here and i look into a dimming light
I think of the years of friendships and all the blethering shite
Happy spirits stay close to the heart and the memories endure through time
Unplanned meetings with sneaky wee drams and evening meals with good wine

Time passes and our inevitable journeys don't take us all to the same places
We accept this with an unwillingness to let go of some of our dearest faces

Though some are now afar they never fade as they are forever near to the heart
Treasured memories, lovely times shared, aye, true friendships never part

never forgotten 

So with much love to all friends near and far, let us share a wee dram. Lang may yer feet bide abeen the grun…(long may your feet stay above the ground) 🥃🥃



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