Just how fragile is life on Earth


Well have a think about this....

We think a bullet is fast. A basic pistol bullet travels from about 100mph and a rifle, for example an AK-47 at 1,500 mph. However there are more interesting speeds to discover? As Earth rotates our days and nights we are moving at 460 mtrs per second, that is about 1,000 mph. So we are travelling near as fast as a rifle bullet while we rotate day and night, but....

The Earth whizzes around our sun at over 50,000 mph. Wow, thats the whole world with the moon and wobbly oceans. We survive on the surface in a very thin layer of atmosphere that we call air. It is also our weather, and somehow it all manages to stay very stable over us! Travelling round the sun at 50,000 mph and the very worst category 5 hurricanes only produce around 200/250mph winds. Wow, there is plenty room for raking up that number!

If you don’t see the precariousness of this then you are a bl🤭🤭dy idiot! 

All there is from us is synthetics, tarmac, concrete and a lot of exhaust fumes. It is a most moronic and self destructive achievement. A reaction from the climate to this is now inevitable.


We make time for what we want and delay things needing done

Creating clouds of promises put out of reach floating high with the sun

We’ve distorted reality by putting poison on the precious truth

We portray in a camouflage of words and trivialise our fragility 


And we dance with joyous crowds singing and sharing happy in heart 

Emotions rush like rivers in spate while music songs and poems we make

So why in such joy can soft hearts be cold with so much intolerance and hate

Forcing peace and harmony to stay outside as we gorge media cake

(Rudyard Kipling quote = words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind)


The forests lungs breathe endlessly as we claim our brief slot in life

Every breath from birth to death so precious but we are too busy to care

We burn the trees and as forests die so go the lungs of life and its song

A fiery sun on the skin of life so easy to loose and we so careless 


We barbecue, dine and laugh with wine shouting everything is fine

While people scream from the garden gate stop this before it is too late

Our actions evidently seen but the clouds of promises dont reach the ground

Our end has come and stupidity says we were all too busy living the dream



It does not matter if you are a man or mouse living posh or in a council house

A skinny dog or a big fat cat sitting in comfort on a sheepskin mat

A bird in the tree singing free a wee bug on a log or a frog in a bog 

A colourful coral or a fish in the sea even the biggest redwood tree

There is no privilege or importance of size nor a free pass for any of the wise   

All come and go on the continuous flow in evolution’s organic reality show

grumpygeorge. Nov.2020