We make time for what we want and delay things needing done

Creating clouds of promises put out of reach floating high with the sun

We’ve distorted reality by putting poison on the precious truth

We portray in a camouflage of words and trivialise our fragility 


And we dance with joyous crowds singing and sharing happy in heart 

Emotions rush like rivers in spate while music songs and poems we make

So why in such joy can soft hearts be cold with so much intolerance and hate

Forcing peace and harmony to stay outside as we gorge media cake


The forests lungs breathe endlessly as we claim our brief slot in life

Every breath from birth to death so precious but we are too busy to care

We burn the trees and as forests die so go the lungs of life and its song

The fiery sun on the skin of life so easy to loose and we so careless 


We barbecue, dine and laugh with wine shouting everything is fine

While people scream from the garden gate stop this before it is too late

Our actions evidently seen but the clouds of promises dont reach the ground

Our end has come and stupidity says we were all too busy living the dream



It does not matter if you are a man or mouse living posh or in a council house

A skinny dog or a big fat cat sitting in comfort on a sheepskin mat

A bird in the tree singing free a wee bug on a log or a frog in a bog 

A colourful coral or a fish in the sea even the biggest redwood tree

There is no privilege or importance of size nor a free pass for any of the wise   

All come and go on the continuous flow in evolution’s organic reality show

grumpygeorge. Nov.2020


A very long time


If we are to believe in science and the foreverness of time then we must accept that earth started off as an inorganic ball derived from space debris and a lot of unanswered questions. No blue oxygen sky, no plants, nothing organic as we call it, nothing but a semi solid messy accumulation of stuff twirling into a ball in a black universe. Then an incredible long period of time passes and we have today.  

So if this is true, i start making equations in my head….


The only thing that we have in this equation to create life on earth is the suns energy and time, lots of time, really an awful lot of time, more time than most of us can possibly imagine.

Then for some magical reason of science, a single organic cell appeared. Keep it simple!


Time? I am now trying to understand what a really very long period of time is.


At this point i am imagining someone showing a fast frame video of a high speed bullet passing by slowly. Imagine applying this to the planets platonic plates over a great period of time and speeding it up to a few minutes video.

The continental plates move very slowly (earthquakes) and thats an insignificant one inch or 2.5cm a year. Yes, but this becomes 25 kilometres every million years and adding a really very long time on top of that it changes the picture a lot. Just like a fast bullet, our lives pass so fast we cannot see a value to a “very long” time. 


So the first life form started to exist about four thousand times one million years ago. (Thats four billion years) 

Lets do some sums; 4,000 times one million years at 25 kilometers every million years becomes a huge 100,000k or 62,137 miles distance of a journey the planet tectonic plates would have travelled if they had existed as far back as that. Now i see what is meant by a lot of time passing. 


We struggle to understand what a lot of time is unless we are trying to breathe under water. 


So from four  billion years ago, one life cell to two, to a hundred, to a million, to billions and trillions there slowly..... very slowly.....

became a soft fragile skin of organic life covering our planets surface. Somehow there then came another magical change, oxygen! The beginning to what became our blue planet. Without trying to understand the detail, which is being updated regularly anyway, life on Earth decided that oxygen was a good idea and great changes (extinctions) to the order of life took place. We have covered billions of years to get here.  With oxygen, life went on super charged evolution and all sorts of shapes and sizes of life came and went. Yes, we have all read about the Triassic era and then the Jurassic dinosaurs era of long ago. They all came and went extinct. The very recent Mammoths and Sabre Tooth Tigers they all came and went in the never ending changes of life forms existing on our planet. Change is normal!

Rapidly coming towards today we can read about our very recent failed civilisations and empires as we exhibit our behaviour while we exist. Change is still happening and just because the climate has been very stable recently that certainly wont last either. Then we arrive at today, this is now, our civilisation, our technology and money addicted lifestyle we think we are in control of, our world, our very fragile world that reacts to the most minimal and will change everything on a whispering breath. 


The existence of any life is like a feather balancing on the top of a tree. You wouldn’t think it was because we seem to be hell bent on chopping down the tree.


Remember, all life comes from the sun. Without that dangerously hot sunburning rays of light there is no life. We are part of our planets very fragile thin organic skin which is 100% exposed to the burning rays, permanently. Show your naked skin to that sun on a boiling hot mid summer day. “Yes, wow”, ok, I am very very fragile to extinct! Change anything a fraction and you get just another extinction event and another new coat. Nature has worn and binned more clothes than you will ever do. It loves a change. We are nothing more than little bacteria on this skin that we need to live on. 


Being part of natures organic coat is a very fragile existence and we have been destructively stamping all over it with plenty visible impact.

This is why we have so many scientists very worried about our future?

We are most unfortunately, running out of our future existence.


If you live long enough you will get to sit on this seat

I see before me today

Many have sat here says the wear on the wood and trampled soil 

I wonder what they were all thinking and had said


I think life used to be wonderfully uncomplicated

Now i just see the soul of our earth dying from our toxic presence

I believe we have behaved disgracefully 

Our gluttonous behaviour just a disgusting moronic party

I see a new age of derangement blowing in its fog 

And we have become lost


I sense nature is in a foul mood

Just about to sneeze us back into reality

Scientists have shouted

Derangement wont listen so change is a formality


I have had quite a journey to this seat 

I might as well just sit down and relax


Cos there’s sod all i can do about all this mess 

As our world heads into uncharted chaos



My life is behind me as I walk into the unavoidable bone grinding years ahead

My body has served me well and the state i am in now only reflects success, yea!

Ive worn a lot of T shirts and the mess on them often well out of my control

I am amazed i survived this long ive had a really good run for my money, I smile.


If “you” reading this can reach old age and reflecting on the long journey to here

I hope you too, can smile as you recall the T shirt messes you had to wear on your journey.

grumpygeorge. 2020



Crying baby


Don’t get angry when I cry be attentive and observant and learn

Learn to understand that I need to cry when I have something to say 

I cry to say i am hungry and cry when tired or for being disturbed

Enjoy this simple equation till i learn to cry to get my way. (😜🤫💤

grumpygeorge 2020

You are not gone…..


Nobody is gone if you still remember them

Gone may be their touch but not the memories 

Memories of love have impact and they stay

So gone they are not say the breaths of their souls


The selfish and unkind are put in a box and buried deep

Soon forgotten they are left in graves in a cold lonely darkness

Selfless souls are put in shallow graves with half closed doors

Their souls still breathe free they dance and hang around 


grumpygeorge 12th feb 2020

Not all christians go to heaven


Am I going to heaven Lord, I did a lot to deserve

Am I going to heaven Lord, how well did I serve

Ive prayed to you often Lord, to be by your side

I really love you so much Lord, my eyes are open wide

I always go to church Lord, Ive proved to you I care

every week on Sunday Lord, I`m sure you are aware

So am I going to heaven Lord, surely I`ve done what`s right

Of course I`ll get to heaven Lord, because I also pray each night


 For you my child the light was clear and brightly lit to see

and all I asked of you my child was to use this light to be

a servant to me and serve with a heart full of loving care

to help the blind and helpless and those souls in despair

so tell me child what work was done apart from a prayer

which I heard from you (for yourself) and I really do care

I hurt to say to you that  prayers are really not enough

many Christians get a shock as they hear this rebuff


they thought that to dress on Sunday and kneel to me in prayer

gave them a free pass on arrival upon my heavenly stair

true Christians are selfless folk that work their bodies done

in the name of god their hearts all give and share to everyone

in trails of glorious deeds they spread the word for all to see

I welcome them to my house for the work that they did for me

But not all Christians go to heaven as they do not all believe

in the labour of giving as well as prayer so who did you deceive

Mr happy plant.1998. 

grumpy was still to be created back then in my garden centre years. 

For the records I am agnostic, I think. It is all a bit confusing🤔🥰