Time, Distance and Size.

I have come to realise that a lot of people just dont understand how big BIG can get.

Here in this page, i am trying to explain it to help understand just how small and insignificant we are in the big picture of space and time. When we go around in our ego trip of self importance in an asumption that we have a future it may well be good to take a breath and have a wee think about our fragile existance. That sun up there in the sky is not up there, it is out there blasting our planet 24hrs a day and we are out there as well in space circling it every year. It is a massive furnace and we are 100% exposed to it. It can burn you on a summers day, so you know it is dangerous. Our atmosphere is a thin layer wrapped round our world and we desperately need it the way it is today. Change that atmosphere and we are gone. We have the intelligence and technology to manage our atmosphere but we are just germ size within the size in it. So anything we do will take time for effect. We would also have to work as a collective, but we wont do that because we do not share beliefs as a collective. So we cannot manage our atmosphere even if some of us want to. The problem with this is that we all share any consequence of screwing with our atmosphere. We are screwing with our atmosphere.