We have had some time to start doing something about climate change

So what have we done so far?

This really boils down to the question of commitment  to change and we have a track record from the past 30 years or so to reflect on




I  cannot avoid a wee rant in this story....(a wee smile from grumpy.)


Yes its a serious topic but lets try to keep our sense of humour as well.


We are digging fossil fuel up as fast as we can use the stuff to make things to buy things, yes this is all about money and what we can do with it. We all put a very high value on money and we will all do nearly anything to avoid losing our lifestyles. We spray the lands of the world from corner to corner with chemicals to kill off the life forms on the crops we reap. We add growth hormones to animals we want to eat and change the DNA of plants we grow and all without regard. We factory farm and mass produce anything possible and empty the waste and sewage into the great oceans. While doing that we plunder the oceans of its life. We dig up the land for minerals and chop down and clear the forests, which are the oxygen creating lungs of the planet to make money. (and lets keep this rant short)


We dont even respect each other.


We arrogantly think that looking for sympathetically sourced products in the supermarkets is doing ones bit. It seems that everything we do or use requires fossil fuel at some point. So CO2 output is actually still increasing regardless of the green energy initiative. This is a most unfortunate fact for us to digest.


There is a serious lack of will on action because to bring down CO2 400ppm to below 300ppm would literally involve stopping all fossil fuel burning today and all the world ceasing all its industrial activity right now, not tomorrow. Our civilisation could not function if we tried that.

So that option is out!

Relying on politicians and business billionaires?

Well this is 30 + years later and the CO2 ppm level is still increasing today.

Organic life on Planet Earth has a very fragile existence and its existence has survived huge climate changes.


Major extinction events also take place when we have  climate changes so

we seriously do not want a climate change event taking place


We are behaving with no care for climate stability and CO2 levels are now over 400ppm

and still rising. This is a seriously reckless thing to do.

We need the climate we have today for our world of cities to exist.


I hope you really did study the climate change main page so that you really do understand that there is a real urgency to act on what is certainly going to happen to the climate with todays CO2 levels over 400ppm in the atmosphere.

The young must break free of todays mess and there is some good pro-action going on.


Todays mess consists of selfish old billionaires who will do whatever it takes to protect their assets. They are too busy being a somebody to be interested in looking after our climate.

Somehow this equation has to be changed. Its not just them, its all of us. We all have to change.

The Green Initiative is at work and things are happening.


Switzerland Recycling

Cities go green

Planting trees

My behavour

Green plastic bags are possibe


So you see it is not all bad news.

Join in and protect your climate!


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