Why should we be concerned about climate change 


To answer this question we need to understand some basics


We first need to understand what  CO2ppm is in the carbon cycle

CO2 is Carbon Dioxide (smoke from fossil fuel) and ppm is parts per million in the air

Recycling plants today does not add extra CO2 ppm (parts per million) because what you are doing is recycling todays carbon in todays carbon cycle.

Plants take in CO2 carbon when growing and release (CO2) carbon when they are recycled.

So we can call this the TODAYS carbon cycle and this is not the problem.

Burning fossil fuels is the problem. It is like using your 'credit card' from a HISTORIC carbon bank We are digging up historic carbon (coal oil gas) and recycling it into todays carbon cycle.

We need to understand the greenhouse effect

The above illustration is something like the one i saw in a small paperback book 30 something years ago. Yes,  "the greenhouse effect." It made so much sense to me because it is so simple to understand. CO2 in the atmosphere traps heat the same as glass does.

So CO2 is called a greenhouse gas.

CO2 traps heat in the atmosphere the same way as glass traps heat in a greenhouse.

It really is that simple.


My main page Climate Change contains a lot more basic information about carbon CO2

We need to understand where fake news comes from

It is good to understand where disinformation comes from and it is also understanding some more about climate change as well. If one looks at a graph with its curves there will be some variables within the graph curve. The variables are spikes and dips of interference or the chattering noise within the graphs direction. We have chattering noise in the graph of our climate history where asteroids, volcanoes, el-ninos and sunspots spike and dip temporary changes on the climate graph.

The climate change denying people love to feed from temporary spikes and dips of data.

Do selfish political and business interests look for disinformation?

The Big Problem
We are trying to deny the seriousness because to bring down CO2 from over 400ppm to below 300ppm would involve stopping all fossil fuel burning today and all the world ceasing all its industrial activity at once. Our civilisation could not function if we tried that. So thats out!
Did i just say that we cannot do anything about it?

No, something has to be done about it as we cannot just sit back and wait and see.

My main page Climate Change contains the basic information about 'WHY' we need to bringing down CO2ppm from CO2 400ppm. You just have to spend time looking.




The below are the main obstacles we have to confront

The very first obstacle is the intense



Unfortunately, if the story is just all bad, then it is what it is, so please harden your head and read on.

The green energy industry need factories to produce their products.

So we produce EXTRA CO2 making the factories to make the green products and then making green products also produces CO2. Installing and maintaining the green products makes CO2. Recycling uses CO2. It seems that everything we do or use requires fossil fuel at some point. So CO2 output is actually still increasing regardless of the green energy initiative. This is a most unfortunate fact for us if we want to have a future on the planet.

I am not saying green is bad, i am saying CO2 is still increasing.



has a story of its own.



has a story of its own.

These two stories highlight how fragile and complex our atmosphere is regardless of how you interpret the information.        

With the CO2 levels this high and a “delayed effect” locked in, big changes to the climate is effectively in progress. Delayed effect? If you put the kitchen cooker temp to 180 degrees it has a delayed effect between the action of switching on and reaching the temp. Our climate is now “locked into” a delayed effect.

The delayed effect

has a few basics that are all concerning the climate scientists

The oceans cover most of  the world, 71%.
Very basically, 95% of global warming goes into the sea and only 5% goes into the atsmophere.
El Nino events every few years is when the pacific ocean current reverses and releases some of this extra heat into the atmosphere. (A statistics area where climate deniers abuse) There is a small spike and fall in the climate change temperature graph from El Ninos

Hurricanes and cyclones require a minimum

water surface temp of 26.5 degrees

to develop their huge energy and devastating power.     

The oceans are warming so these weather events will increase both in size and frequency. Between sea level rising and storm damage the world financial sector and economic stability at some point in the future will become unmanageable from the strain.

 It is already struggling!

 The arctic ocean

This has lost nearly all its old thick ice and it is only young thin ice on the surface now and scientists are predicting an ice free summer here in a few years time. This is going to be a major climate changer because all the energy goes into melting the ice before the water can heat up. Once the ice is gone the waters will quickly get warmer because there will be no albedo effect

reflecting the suns rays off the surface.

The shallow East Siberian Sea shelf has huge quantities of frozen methane hydrates in its sea floor and the already warming waters have today, this year 2019, been observed started releasing methane (CH4) in larger quantities. This on top of the thawing tundras is another huge climate problem.

Methane gas CH4

CH4 is multiple times more powerful a greenhouse warming gas than CO2 and the quantities involved from the arctic is climate changing on its own.

These warming Ocean waters

are melting ice from underneath.
Underneath melting of the glaciers of Antarctica is what the scientists have discovered in the last couple of years. So sea levels are now going to be a 'today' problem as well. The list of climate problems are stacking up and all mostly from CO2 additional warming from our activity.

The list is comprehensive, there is too much stuff to mention.


This is simply a sample of the main points regarding why climate scientists are alarmed.


Please note...

I have avoided the drama seeking alarmist web pages links and stuck to mainstream information as it is alarming enough.

The drama seeking alarmists use words that attract search engines ratings. Usage like catastrophic event instead of a heavy days rain. Note this because it is quite important. Describing something for a web page that you want to be seen by more people requires the usage of importance words. so if i want this web page to be seen by more people i will use words like, DEVASTATING, CATASTROPHIC, RECORD BREAKING, EXTINCTION, WORST CASE SCENARIO, etc. These phrases are often not accurate information. I have taken care to avoid these websites.


My aim is simply to help you to understand the subject. Also what to look out for in fake news so you can then decide for yourself what to make of it all.


There is no easy answer to the CO2 problem for sure but i would rather the young generation understand the urgency, be well informed and self motivated to do something constructive.

If you think its all bullshit, crap or whatever words fit your persona, then thats absolutely fine because it will be, "whatever will be will be" regardless of opinions.

When we go around in our ego trip of self importance in an asumption that we have a future it may well be good to take a breath and have a wee think about our fragile existance. That sun up there in the sky is not up there, it is out there blasting our planet 24hrs a day and we are out there as well in space circling it every year. It is a massive furnace and we are 100% exposed to it all the time. It can seriously burn you, so you know it is very dangerous and our existance is extremely fragile to it. Our atmosphere is a thin layer wrapped round our world and we desperately need it the way it is today. Change that atmosphere a fraction and we are gone. We have the intelligence and technology to manage our atmosphere but we are just germ size within the size of it. So anything we do will take time for effect. We would also have to work as a collective, but we wont do that because we do not share beliefs as a collective. So we cannot manage our atmosphere even if some of us want to. The problem with this is that we all share any consequence of screwing with our atmosphere. We are screwing with our atmosphere.