Burning Fossil Fuel basics are explained

This page is explaining how we use fossil fuel. I am using childish explanation to keep it as simple as possible.

Let us clarify the basics.

Fossil Fuel is us digging up Peat, Coal, Oil, Natural Gas and burning it as fuel to drive our economies. It drives factories, heavy transport, aviation, shipping, military forces, and virtually everything we use or possess.

Coal and Oil refined or used by us releases Carbon Dioxide gas or C02.

Oil gets refined into nearly everything we use.

For example diesel petrol plastics polymers synthetic clothes, furniture, in other words the manufacturing industry. (our jobs) Jobs? Oh, we need our jobs.😱☠️

Natural Gas is an even more potent greenhouse gas, raw Methane, or CH4. Burning it in the cooker or stove creates CO2.


Green products require factories.

The mining of lithium for factories to use for making lithium batteries and  recycling these batteries is certainly not green energy.


Everywhere we move and do uses Fossil Fuel and we cannot hide from it.

The list is extensive. So we basically cannot function at present without Fossil fuel.

Thats the bottom line.

7.7 Billion people are on the planet now. We have huge cities spread all over it that cannot function without being serviced and looked after. Just have a look at your day and think about it all in the big picture of billions doing the same. The fact you are reading this means you are connected. You are of the privilaged many who are still accessing  stuff and not dumped on the street gutter as surplus to requirements.


Thers a satalite up there and a cable accoss the ocean making sure the connection works.


You go the supermarket and the shopping malls. That means lories on the road full of goodies for the shops all guzzling fossil fuel


You go to work. This means traffic Jams on the motorway or tube going and coming from work guzzling fossil fuel


I guess you are now seeing the monumental size of the equation for us going carbon nuetral in todays world. Of course it is theoretically possible to do so, but in practice

it is a task of great enormity.


This changeover should have been ongoing for at least the past three decades. Thirty years ago there was a lot less to change over as well.🤔

We are all over consuming

Overconsumption is like building your dream house where you put all your assets into one basket. Once its made, its very difficult to do it all over again cos you didnt think it all out properly first.
As soon as you start to reducing overconsumption you create unemployment. The manufacturers are not getting orders so you loose your job.😱☠️
The system has been made and we have to live with the consequence of t