This is my DIY website.
Like me, its not perfect, but we are both very capable.
I am not retired, well I am but not admitting to it!
All is well and I am living' the dream.
Please be extra generously tolerant of everyone around as many people are suffering personal hardship just now.
July 2020
A very interesting year so far. Forget about plans, lets just stay safe
and hope that things improve soon without it falling appart again.
September 2019
House bought in Braunton North Devon and moved in.
We are now permanent residents in Braunton.
July 2019
House sold and moving south soon and temporary stays with family
House hunting from 26th July.
Area probably Braunton/Saunton/Croyde/ish
March 2019
We have put our house on Skye up for sale and intend moving south of Bristol to be nearer family.
September 2018
We sold the shop at the pier, Armadale, Isle of Skye.
I will not be in competition with the new owners for a year and they have our very best wishes for the future has moved to here via "wix" diy software.
DIY websites nowadays are very good and quite easy to work.

Please note

I only support facebook so if you wish to follow my daily activity then please go to my facebook page
I am still available now for  Photoshop Tuition
       and for doing any Photo repairs
So why not come and see me with some of your old photos and
see what i can do for you.
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My track record/history

I did 10 years selling my Landscape images from a small studio

shop on the Isle of Skye. I did all my own printing and framing from there.


Before that

I did 20 years building a garden centre called
Happy Plant and i was known then as Mr Happy Plant.


Before that

I had my own band playing in pubs. Then i was known as Hokum.


Before that

I was a child (still am at heart) born and brought up as a farmers son.  


I am married to a lovely lady called Serena. Her eye for detail is exceptional and i have fine tuned my photography skills with her fantastic guidance

Serena keeps me focused and thats some task